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What is tiered link building & how to build it? For those who are not sure what tier link building is, here is a brief explanation.

How To Build Tiered BackLinks?

You basically build backlinks to your backlinks over three or more tiers. This gives your first tier of backlinks more authority which in turn improves your page rank.

You should build as many links as possible on the third tier to boost the second-tier links, which in turn boosts the first tier of links and then your website as shown in the picture below.

What is Tiered Link Building

Another advantage to tiered link building is that it offers search engine spiders millions of paths and opportunities to find your website. This further increases your site’s ranking.

How to create first Tier Links?

First-tier should always be made up of very high-quality backlinks. For example, you should create a number of web 2.0 mini-sites that each have 5-15 pages of content that’s relevant to your main niche.

Other good sources to place first tier links would be Press Releases, Wikis, Article Directories, Social Bookmarks, Web Directories, Blog Posts, and Videos.

Just focus on creating high-quality links pointing directly to your site. The first tier represents the very foundation of your tiered link building campaign. So spun articles well that makes sense.

How to build Second Tier Links?

Here, you need to get the exact URL of the first tier links so you can create your second-tier backlinks.

With your second-tier links you can allow the quality to drop a little in order to increase the overall quantity of backlinks, although you still want to keep them contextual and relevant.

You can use auto-generated content on your second tier without a problem, and attach less importance to authority and page rank of the domains your links are coming from.

With the second tier, we can move the focus away from quality and towards the number of backlinks.

Do Third Tier Links Need To Be Good Quality?

With your third-tier links, you can focus purely on quantity and do not worry too much about the quality. You can use any type of link you want, you just want to build huge volumes of backlinks as quickly as you can.

Here are some link types you might use for your third-tier links – For example, Article Directories, Bookmarks, Web 2.0, Wikis and Micro-blogs, Blogs, Images and Document comments, Web Directories, Profiles and Guest-books, Pingback and Trackbacks.

All of these types will make good third-tier links and can be built quickly and efficiently.

How many backlinks to build?

It’s entirely upon the quality of backlinks you build. The first thing to know is to build high-quality backlinks. Second, those links should be relevant to your niche.

Here you can use some software if found any. Web 2.0 gives the best and fast results if you are thinking of ranking factors.

There is no such count of volume we can presume for backlinks to show results (ranking). But create at least 50 high-quality backlinks at first tier. Then build tier 2 and 3.

How long it takes to show some Results?

Here, important to know that creating backlinks is not enough. You have to make sure that they are get indexing by search engine spiders.

Moreover, the fast your backlinks indexing fast you will see the results. A lot will depend on your keywords and how they are competing with others.

But assuming you did your keyword research, you should be seeing good results for your efforts within a month.

Do I need to Add More Backlinks Regularly?

Unless you are working with highly competitive keywords, you should be enjoying a position on the first page of Google’s search result for your main keyword by the time your tiered backlinking campaign completes. Or at least a short time after this.

Ones your website is in this position new post once a month with a simple bookmark campaign will typically be enough to hold that position or even improve on it. There is nothing to prevent you from running a new tiered backlink campaign using other keywords.

What Is Tiered Link Building – Important Things To Remember

You should make sure your first tier backlinks are good quality links and not from websites that are not indexing or have been de-indexed.

Use original content only or be sure to spin well for the best results, Second and third-tier links not so important.

Also, you must vary your anchor text using your main keyword no more than 30% and your URL no more than 20%. The remainder spread over eight to ten keywords or phrases.

Lastly, remember that tier link building is the best way to develop, refine and maintain long-term rankings and SERP’s stability.

Conclusion – What Is Tier Link Building

Follow the step by step tier link building campaign using the exact same techniques. Help to elevate your website right up the ranking. And last, protect your website from any future Google Algorithm updates.

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