VidiQ Reviews 2023 – Why To Use VidiQ

VidiQ Reviews – This is such a powerful marketing platform for YouTube. It offers many tools for competitor research, keyword research, managing channel management tasks, trends alert, channel auditing, and more.

Moreover, it also offers a free chrome extension that helps YouTube beginners. There is a paid version also available which will tremendously increase your YouTube channel’s growth.

VidiQ is a great video analytics and marketing tool that was designed with YouTubers in mind. If you’re a content creator on this platform, you have a lot to gain from this piece of software.

What VidiQ does is analyze your YouTube channel and provide valuable insights so you can take actionable steps towards growing your channel.

In today’s VidiQ review we’ll see what it has to offer.

Important features of VidiQ:

Let’s look at the main features of VidiQ

VidiQ has plenty of features. It’s a YouTube SEO tool that will help you use keywords to maximize your titles, descriptions, tags, etc. to reach a wider audience.

This also provides an audit tool that will allow you to understand what works and what doesn’t so you can make effective changes.

Competitors tool – one of the best capabilities of VidiQ is that it allows you to compare your channel performance with your competitors. And it also lets you compare the “view velocity” of your videos with other YouTube channel videos.

This amazing software also allows you to track the velocity of any YouTube video. Also, compare it to your own videos so you can receive real-time feedback on the performance of your content.

Additionally, VidiQ will allow you to see what’s trending on YouTube, use productivity tools, and celebrate your milestones.

There’s also a VidiQ extension for Chrome that’s free. It makes things easier for users because you can get an overview of how your YouTube channel is performing. And help you grow it.

Help with SEO and Ranking:

YouTube is the most capable search engine. This is being used by billions of people all around the world for finding information, recipes, and much more.

And you can improve your channel’s SEO by finding the right keywords that people are searching for and create good quality videos on those topics.

Vidiq, with its YouTube SEO tools, could take your research up to the next level. You only have to type the expression on YouTube. After that then VidiQ shows lots of info about that keyword in the sidebar.

You will get an idea about competition, volume, and overall performance score for the particular keyword.

Leverage A Popular Trend Through “Trend Alerts

This tool uses its “VPH”(views per hour) metric to find the current trending topics and your competitor’s trending videos on YouTube channels.

To set up email alerts for trending videos, go to “Trend alerts,”

You will need to:

· Enter a name for your alert

· Select a keyword you need to monitor and its category

· Put a VPH threshold

· Decide the frequency with which you want to receive email alerts

· And select the language of the videos you want to track.

If you are tracking your competitors by using VidiQ, It will give you the option to track any of them right under the “category” field.

Audit Overall Performance of Channel Using Channel Audits

Channel Audits

This is another important feature of Vidiq. And it’s named as your “personal YouTube consultant,” is a channel audit. You could access this feature from the VidIQ menu.

It provides you with an understanding of your YouTube channel’s growth in terms of subscribers, monthly views, and watch time compared to the prior month.

It also shows you the breakdown of the videos that contribute to your video watch time and are being watched for the longest.

Also this very tool will tell you about the videos with the top retaining rate. Next, the videos that drive more views. And also the videos that drive more traffic to your channel are also part of the breakdown.


Vidiq is one tool you can use to maintain your youtube channel’s views and other stuff. Anyone can use the vidiq marketing tool to get the Channel monetized and engage with his audience.

You can increase YouTube views using the VidiQ app. Also, you can easily check the updates on your videos and how they are being viewed using different insights that are provided by the VidIQ dashboard. The tool is present in the form of an extension in chrome that works like magic.


Not to mention, this may seem a blessing, but the VidIQ basic package is free of cost and can be used by anyone. The pro package comes with a price tag of 7 dollars a month in normal conditions, while the super boost goes up to 415 dollars a month.


· Easy to use.

· It is free and starts working on its own when the extension finds the relevant material.

· 30-day free trial

· YouTube Certified Platform

· Excellent customer support

· Academy dedicated to YouTube training

· Offers comprehensive channel audit


· Pro Plan needed for features such as keyword research

· Limited features on the mobile app

· It lags some features in the basic mode.

· The extension seems to lag sometimes.

VidiQ Pricing

VidIQ offers three Plans besides its free “Basic” plan. Here they are:

· PRO planwill cost you up to $9 dollars each month.

· BOOST plan will cost you up to $49 dollars each month.

· BOOST+ plan will cost you up to $499 dollars each month.

Also, it also has an enterprise plan for those brands that are managing more than five channels on YouTube.

I hope this article about VidiQ Reviews will help you to decide to take a prior decision to use VidiQ or not.

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