Black Hat SEO Techniques – Common SEO Mistakes

Black Hat SEO is a method that attempt to rank high on Google by cheating, instead of ranking naturally like Google wants you too. What are black hat SEO Techniques

Black Hat SEO Techniques - Common SEO Mistakes

Here are examples of six such tactics that you should NEVER use on your webpage. Using these techniques will only lead to penalization.

1. Keyword Stuffing

The target keyword of this page is “Black Hat SEO techniques.” If you use the keyword stuffing tactic, I would simply write out this phrase thousands of times on this page.

Webpages in the past used to obtain high rankings by using this tactics. Thankfully, Google put a stop to it.

Rather do not use the target keyword more than 7 times for every 1000 words. But as little as 3 times is more than sufficient.

Go to the Keyword Density Checker to check the density on your pages. You can use verify SEO website to check keyword density.

The easiest way is to not dwell on keyword density too much. Do not forget your purpose, and that is to write for humans. Do not concentrate on stuffing keywords only.

2. Hidden Text

Highlight the text on the following table:

Never write the text the same as the background color? This is a hidden text. It is visible to the search engines, but not to site visitors.

This is done to trick Google, so the user ends up being displayed a different page to the term they actually searched for.

Since Google wants users to see the relevant content that they search for, the hidden text will be penalized if found out.

3. Cloaking

The hidden text ‘above example’ is one of the many examples of cloaking – Google sees the hidden search term, the user sees something different.

Then cloaking actually is diverting visitors to unrelated content or low-quality sites with a link, And at the same time, that same link diverts Search Engine bots to relevant, keyword-rich & quality sites.

There are too many cloaking methods to explain here. Again the message is simple – to avoid penalties, don’t do it.

4. Doorway Pages

Force your visitor click on the link – “Common SEO Mistake” & sending them to an irrelevant page or less informative page. Does This Increase Your Google Ranking?

People looking for information about “Common SEO Mistake” are instead brought to a site, which is about “Travelling”.

This also comes under Black Hat services if I want to target the key phrase “Common SEO Mistake” and rank that first page high on Google, this would be an example of a doorway page.

This undermines the quality of Google’s product if searchers are given irrelevant results, so Google will, therefore, try to put a stop to it. When someone searches for a webpage about Common SEO Mistake, Google wants them to be brought to a webpage about Common SEO Mistake.

5. Redirecting

Redirecting pages to rank high with a specific term, so that page automatically redirects from search engines to other pages which you want to rank high.

Your site is about SEO. Visitors are there to read about SEO and you put an anchor text Keyword which is redirected to a phone review site.

Again, this gives the searcher an irrelevant result to what they search for, which goes against what Google wants for its users.

6. Fake Linking

When a webpage is linked to a lot, this can help rankings because if a page receives so many links, then it must be a high-quality page. But Google prefers natural links.

If I create 1000 other webpages, and link to this page from every single one, this would be fake linking. Remember this would put your site in trouble in terms of popularity and quality of the site, and if found out it would be penalized heavily.

The next cheat is Buying Links. Again, it is unnatural and may get your site penalized.

Remember, Google does not entertain these tricks. So they constantly bringing updates like Panda, Penguin & rest. This is just for your information cause sometimes unknowingly too these mistakes happen.

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