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Interesting story – I am doing SEO for last 15 years or so. Important to know is I originally learned Search Engine Optimization just because I wanted to use it for affiliate marketing. I had no interest in jobs.

In the past decade, internet usage increased so high that no one could imagine. And so the opportunities in the SEO field. I love doing SEO.

It’s always a challenge for me. I like playing puzzle & SEO Tasks are puzzles which I like to solve. Moreover, it helps me to earn sufficient money.

I worked for myself and for clients. ratio was 75 / 25. It is better to work for you if you are an SEO specialist. Remember this, If you are SEO then use the skills for yourself first. Earn money then help others.

SEO teaches how to and also helps to feed your empty stomach. Isn’t that good?

So here I am!

About me

• I love to travel, and I want to learn as much as I can about the world

• I’m an avid reader

• I love learning new things – if I’m not learning something new I get anxiety

If you are interested, please check out my personal blog here :), where I share my travel experiences and the thing I learn along the way.

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