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Keyword research is one of the most important parts of your success. If you want to rank fast on the search engine result pages then you should know how to search longtail keyword. Let’s see how to find long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty.

You can be great at implementing all the proper SEO techniques, but it will all be in vain if you target the wrong keywords. This article will describe briefly how keyword research works.

First, let me explain what keywords are. Keywords are not the words you can find in the meta keywords tag. Keywords are the words that you find in the search engines.

Find Long Tail Keywords With Low SEO Difficulty

How To Choose Keyword

Like when you search in for the term “how to…………” it serves you with various options to help you better with some keywords. This is where you can find the right keyword.

Each phrase can have a set of keywords that you can target. The best would be to target just one keyword phrase per page.

However, if your website has just a few pages you can target more than 1 keyword phrase per page, but 3 is the absolute maximum.

Search Longtail Keyword

Instead of selecting a Dog trainer go for a Dog trainer in your city area or road like this, which contains more words and easy to rank.

Now if you find the best keyword for your niche don’t forget to find the search volume. This is a key point to get success with your webpage.

There are different resources to do keyword research, but the most important I believe is your brain.

For this purpose, you can use Google Keyword Planner and there are other tools also like Ahref then keyword finder, keyword everywhere. You can choose according to your requirements. GKP is best to use and it is free.

So hope you understood what keywords are and how many keywords to target with each page, we need to find out what keywords to choose.

This is where the research begins. What you need to know is how often your keyword phrases are searched for.


Choosing a keyword phrase that is searched for just once a month has little use. You need to target those keyword phrases that are actually used a lot.

Just imagine what a searcher (and not you) would type in that little box of a search engine to find what your web site has to offer.

Then use the keyword suggestion tools to find out if they really are used a lot or not. And this the step you should know how to find long tail keywords for your blog.

In order to be successful in getting high positions in the search engines, you also need to know how much competition there is for a word.

A little trick I can tell you to rank fast in search engine is that. When you put the key phrase in search engines like Google or Bing it shows the results which are in crores or so. But if you put in “Your Keyword”. This will show you the actual competition. 

Find Long Tail Keywords

This picture is showing the exact result of this keyword & in the next…..

Find Long Tail Keywords

This is where you have a greater chance to rank keyword fast. Because it has lesser competition for actual keyword.

Now Come to On Page & Off Page SEO

Still keywords or keyword phrases that are very competitive need more than just a well-optimized page to rank high in the search engines.

Off-the-page factors like link popularity and anchor texts in the links that point at your web page are very important to consider when choosing keywords.

In conclusion keyword research is the first and most decisive step you will take when optimizing your web site. It will determine how successful you will be. So Find Long Tail Keywords With Low SEO Difficulty to get success fast.

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