Best Chrome Extensions – Best Five Tools For Webmaster

The first couple of years Google chrome internet browser getting more popular with internet users. It’s been lightweight and an excellent fast browser. Go through these five best chrome extensions.

Best Chrome Extensions

There are a lot of bloggers on the internet and they continue their online businesses. SEO is a very important task for every blogger. For maintaining a blog, SEO analysis is very crucial. Usually, we need to check our blog ranking & authority or any other websites that niche related.

Check these useful best chrome extensions to enhance your power as a blogger.

1) Hashtag Chrome Extension

Click on this Extension link to install hashtag chrome extension in your browser. After installing this extension you will see a window like this…

When you type a keyword there in the box and press the Go button it shows weather the tag you are going to use is Best Or Good Or Bad Or Useless.

It helps you to find the best hashtag for social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others. This extension is one of the best tools if you are a digital marketer.

2) AMP Validator – Best Chrome Extensions

This is the Extension link to install this chrome extension. When you install this extension it will show you the icon in green like shown in the image below.

3) Wappalyzer – Best Chrome Extensions

The third extension is Wappalyzer one of the Best Chrome Extensions. You can install this Extension. This extension is also useful to check whether a website or blog is built in WordPress and other information shown in the below picture.

As shown in picture it shows the information like what platform is used to build the blog. Then programming language, then what advertising platform the website is using and rest. You can check this by installing this extension.

4) Nofollow Chrome Extension

This is one of the most useful extension if you build backlinks for your website or blog. To install this click Extension. What this does is it shows you Nofollow links on the webpage. If the link is Nofollow then it will create a red color box.

5) Similerweb Chrome Extension

This is our fifth and last chrome extension which we are going to discuss is Similarweb Chrome extension. You can download this Extension.

If you want to check the monthly traffic of a website or bounce rate and most importantly region then you can use this extension.

To emphasize, many affiliate marketers use this site to check traffic. What they do is check the traffic of a website and decide to post their product.

I hope you find this extension useful. I will keep sharing useful blogging information. If you like this then follow my blog or visit Bloggers Bond.

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