Blogger Or WordPress – Which is Better?

Let’s discuss which platform is best to build a blog or website. Blogger or WordPress which is best to earn money. Which platform helps to build a better SEO.

Blogger Or WordPress

Here we will cover some topics which will clear your doubt about blogger or WordPress which is best. Still if you have any questions then do write in the comment box.


Blogger: Blogger is a Google product so the data is stored on Google’s server. Google has the strongest server’s in the world. But important to note that if Google found any illegal activities or any problem they will shut down your account without any notice.

WordPress: Here you get two options, first one is, and second one is you can purchase any hosting and install WordPress script there.


Features includes themes and plugins.

Blogger: Blogger contains very basic and limited themes. Although you can download some advanced themes from the internet and can make a professional blog. You can learn how to customize the blogger template.

Plugin’s option is also limited in the blogger. You can go to add a gadget option and use default 26 plugins.

WordPress: Here you get multiple options for themes as well as for plugins. These are very much advanced compared to bloggers. You can literally do anything you want in WordPress.


Blogger: As we have discussed blogger is Google’s entity. Google maintains a strong server and security. It’s highly impossible to enter any bug in their servers. So if you have created a blog in Blogger you will not face any security issue. Still, Google recommends using Google’s two-factor authentication which you can use for best security.

WordPress: This is an open-source platform. When you install any theme or plugin you never know whether it contains any bug or not. We have to rely on ratings to trust the themes or plugins. WordPress can cause a problem as far as the security of your website is concerned.


Blogger: Here you won’t get many options to create a perfect SEO optimized page until and unless you are master in doing on-page SEO. You can learn here how to create an SEO optimized blog on blogger.

WordPress: This allows you to use various plugin options which helps to create a perfectly optimized on-page SEO post.

Trick: You can use WordPress to create an SEO optimized post and use it in your blogger website. Hope, you are getting now Blogger Or WordPress Which is Best


Blogger: It’s free to use service. You can create unlimited blogs, unlimited posts and you don’t have to worry about hosting space. Whatever your blog traffic is – your website will be up always. Blogger can hangle unlimited traffic. You can use bloggers service with the domain names like this

If you need a custom domain then you will have to purchase it from the service provider. And you can connect custom domain names in blogger’s blogs.

WordPress: Talking about WordPress, First you have to purchase a domain name and a hosting package. After this you have to install WordPress Script.

Now after building a website in WordPress if your blog gets popular and traffic increases and if you have shared hosting. Then this can cause a problem because shared hosting can not manage huge traffic. Your site will be down.

Here if you are using cheap hosting services then you will have to face big problems.


If you are a beginner then first create a site on Blogger. Polish your skills until you master those. Then purchase a domain name and connect to your Blogger’s blog. Moreover, you can start earning money from your blog using Adsense. You can learn here how to earn money with AdSense and what is AdSense?.

I hope you got the answer and still if you have any questions or doubts feel free to ask in the comment box.

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