HostGator Review – This Can Save You From Troubles

Hello, I am writing this web hosting HOSTGATOR REVIEW because, in the past, I’ve made the huge mistake of using cheap hosting companies.

I convince myself that free or cheap hosting would be fine and wouldn’t cause any problems for my business or my customers. But boy was I wrong and consequently, I’ve been forced to move hosts several times.


Moving your site is a massive pain in the butt particularly if you have an e-commerce site and rely on the income it generates.

Every time you move your sites they will be down for 24-72 hours at least. Your phone will ring off the hook with customers asking you why they can’t see your site or make a purchase.

There are two main reasons people move hosts.

Their server crashes too much and/or they don’t provide adequate customer support.

It’s the lack of 24/7 customer support that allows the cheapest hosts to charge only $5.00 per month.

Hey if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

I Got Frustrate Of Moving Hosting Companies

If you’re with a cheap hosting company you’ve probably already realized that they don’t offer 24/7/365 phone or technical support.

In fact, they likely only work Monday to Friday, maybe Saturday and only until 6PM if you’re lucky.

So if your server goes down on Sunday you’ll have to wait until Monday to get any help.

Unfortunately, your customers don’t care about this, and any potential customers cannot see your site and leave as does the investment it took to get them there in the first place.

I personally lost hundreds one Christmas day a few years ago when my entire server went down and the cheap hosting company didn’t work on holidays.

That didn’t help me much since my customers shop online 24/7/365.

Thanks, HostGator for Saving My Online Business – Hostgator Review

This is when I choose to go for service and support before price and start moving all my sites to Host Gator.

I simply wanted the peace of mind of 24/7/365 phone and email support and rock-solid performance.

I did an incredible amount of research before finally choosing HostGator.

What I discover in my research were customers raving about the HostGator customer service. They told personal stories of incredibly fast phone and email response times.

Just give them a call pretending to be a customer and you’ll see how quickly the phone is answered.

Even emailing a support ticket will usually get any issues resolved in under 15 minutes.

Honestly, Host Gator has dramatically improved my opinion of hosting companies.

In fact, I’ve already written HostGator two testimonials praising them on their service and support.

Give them a try today and you’ll be thanking me you did!

Visit The Host Gator Site

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