How to Increase Domain Authority And What is DA?

Do you know what is Domain Authority (DA)? If you are not aware of DA and PA then go through this article. Also learn how to increase domain authority.

DA is considered one of the important SEO factors. More authority = higher rank and more traffic it is as simple.

What is Domain Authority

Most newbies are not aware of the term though it is related to SEO. If you know about DA then you can rank better by improving it. And this certainly will keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Let’s discuss What is Domain Authority and how to Increase it?

  • DA is developed by Moz, the authority of a domain name is measured on a scale of 1 to 100 (higher is better).
  • DA mainly depends on backlinks. How many quality backlinks are pointing to your site?
  • Using the Moz DA checker tool you can check your DA score.
  • DA takes time to score well.
  • Good practice of backlinks can earn a good DA score within a short time period.

How to Increase DA?

The answer is very simple. As mentioned above powerful and authoritative backlinks affects most to improve DA score. So two things you have to do.

  • Remove bad links
  • Gain good links

Check all bad links and remove them or you can simply disavow. Don’t know how? Then read How to use the Google Disavow tool to disavow links?

Now how to get good backlinks?

Quality and Related Content – Content is the king.

Content plays a big role in SEO. With content only, you can hold readers to your blog. Be more descriptive and write a minimum 800-1000 words article. Use infographics in your articles. If your content is good then only other blogs will link to you or reciprocate to your blog.

SEO matters

Moz explained that to improve DA you will have to take care of overall SEO.

Take care of all On-Page SEO factors in mind while writing a post. For example, URL structure, robots.txt, meta tags, header tags, alt tags, keywords, etc.

Link Internally

External & internal linking is also important. It is a powerful network within your site that weaves your site network.

Especially, it helps both users and the search engines to crawl and index your site. Internal linking is essential for SEO.

Remove spam and broken links

Check for spam and broken links at regular intervals. As you know that spam links can harm your site performance.

Due to spam links your site may get penalize by Google Panda, so don’t wait till a penalty strikes you.

Always check website links regularly and remove it.

Now here remember patience pays because older your domain is higher the chances of increase in DA.

DA vs PA

Through the Moz DA checker tool, you can check the DA score. You will find the Page Authority score and that is also measured out of 100.

PA score depends on normal On-Page SEO techniques means how rich your page is in terms of SEO.

Now here what is more important, DA or PA? 

DA score is more important than the Page Authority. Because PA score helps to rank single page while DA helps to rank your whole domain.

For more information, you can visit here at the Moz community site.


You can’t improve DA overnight. It’s a patience game. You will have to work hard to increase Domain and page authority.

I hope you must have found value in this article about What is Domain Authority and if you do then comment below.

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