How To Create Content – High Quality Content Writing

How To Create Content is an art. Creating a webpage with quality content is the SINGLE most important SEO tactic you can implement to achieve rankings.

And I am not just talking about a few pages. Nowadays, Google wants your WHOLE site to be of the utmost quality.

How To Create Content

All other SEO tactics in this article are merely tools to show Google that your quality site is in existence.

Even if a web-page has the worst SEO practices possible, it can still possibly rank high if it is a high-quality site with high-quality content.

Experts Only

The algorithm of Google is now able to tell if an article is written by someone knowledgeable or not.

Material written by an expert in a field would contain certain vocabulary that an amateur would not use.

If an article on evolution was written by a real biologist, you would expect it to have such technical terms as inheritance, characteristics, species, organisms, DNA, speciation, extinction, divergence, convergence, progeny, orthogenesis, etc.

Amateur writing about evolution would not even know what many of these words meant. Google can detect this. Read more about how to create content.

How Does Quality Help With Rankings

There are several factors that help a high-quality site rank above a bad one.

Factor 1: Google’s Algorithm Ranks Good Content

Google’s algorithm has been now designed to recognize good content so that it can rank well. Articles written by experts can now be detected over articles written by amateurs.

No longer will high-quality articles be overlooked by poor quality articles that try to rank by exploiting loopholes.

Factor 2: Quality Content Attracts External Links

The more external links a page has, the higher it will rank on Google. The higher the quality of the page, the more links it will receive. It’s that simple.

A common cliché in SEO is that a link is like a “vote”, the reasoning being that if a site is linked to a lot, then it must be a good site.

You can not gain links from other websites with a rubbish page (at least, not links from quality sites). Improve your webpage as best as you can, get those links coming in, and watch your rankings increase!

Factor 3: Quality Content Attracts Social Media Sharing

Social media popularity is also a determinant of a good quality webpage. A social media “vote” has more weight than a link from another webpage.

So the more “Facebook likes” “Tweets”, “shares” etc. your webpage gets, the more likely it is to rank higher. And again, only good content will become popular with social media.

Factor 4: Good Content Provides the User with a better experience

Google’s update emphasis on increasing user experience. So better the quality of your content, the longer visitors will stay on your site.

And the more likely they are to return to your site, both of which are favored by Google updates also favors good content.

How to Increase the Quality of Your Content

To explain how to make your content and website the best quality. It can be is beyond the scope of this guide (but I hope to rectify that some time in the future).


Before doing SEO on a page or website, ask yourself this following question:

“Does my page/site DESERVE to rank well?”

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