How To Get Google AdSense Approval – Fast Trick

If you are looking for how to get google AdSense approval then You should read this post. Creating an AdSense Account is a dream of every blogger. There are a number of tips & tricks you may follow to approve Google AdSense.

Millions of bloggers apply to AdSense every day. But AdSense does not easily approve all requests because it’s one of the best advertising programs. So most of the AdSense application gets rejection due to various reasons.

how to get google adsense approval

Do not ignore Google AdSense quality guidelines. Go through this article to get Google AdSense Approval.

All new bloggers apply for the blog without applying basic settings and AdSense immediately rejects their application. So before applying for AdSense implement these tips in your blog.

Tips & Tricks For AdSense Approval

AdSense is one of the main sources of income for every blogger. If you are a blogger then these tips will help you get your AdSense account to approve fast. You can get approval very fast with all these tips. Read these basic steps to get your first Google AdSense Approval.

1 – Website and Blog Design

The first & most important step is the website or blog design should be Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. Also, high-quality content with clear and attractive navigation. Keep your blog clean and tidy. Add whatever is necessary and useful information only. However, keep the background color white if possible and do not flood with images.

2 – Site Content

Do not copy the contents or articles from other websites. Else Google AdSense will never consider your account.

AdSense does not approve the sites with illegal and adult content. In addition, Tobacco, alcohol and hacking sites don’t get AdSense approval.

3 – Website Language

First of all, ensure that the blog you are writing is supporting AdSense Languages. AdSense does not support all languages.

4 – High-Quality Content

The most important factor, content should attract the users, your site needs to have high-quality content. If the posts are of low quality and not engaging then your application may get rejected. Write SEO friendly post with high-quality content. Remember post title should match with the content. Write the post in a structural format using Headings and paragraphs. Read this how-to-write SEO article.

5 – Content length

Along with high-quality content, the length also plays a vital role. If you write articles with few words, AdSense approval may be difficult. Remember the post length should be at least 500 words. However, try to write a post in detail with useful information. In addition, before applying AdSense, create 10 to 15 posts for your blog.

6 – Do not use copyright images

Necessarily your blog should not have copyright images on your blog. Do not use images from other sites. And always try to create your own image or at least search for non-copy right images.

7 – Domain Age

Age doesn’t matter for AdSense they just look for a valid platform for their advertisers. All you have to do is to wait and create the site according to the AdSense Quality guidelines! This will definitely take some time to complete like a month or so then just apply for AdSense.

8 – How To Get Google AdSense Approval – Traffic

Remember traffic does not matter a lot for AdSense. It is you who get benefits if you have huge traffic. But if you are bringing visitors with fake traffic then it can harm you. So try to bring in organic traffic from search engines like Google or Bing.

9 – Add Site To Search Console

When you apply for AdSense, they check the site with the help of Google crawlers and do a thorough analysis of your site. Here if the site is linked to the Webmaster tool would be added advantage. Google webmaster tools is a Google product and it’s free. You can index your site in the Google search engine by adding it to the search console

10 – Create Important Pages

Especially do not forget to create pages like About Us, Privacy, Disclaimer and Contact Us. Having the About & Contact page helps Google to know your identity. In addition, adding a privacy page protects your affiliates. Whereas disclaimer pages can serve important legal and personal purposes. Also, you can add an author box to the site.

How To Get Google AdSense Approval – SUMMARY

If you follow these steps you must get AdSense approval fast. If your blog is already made up of all the information mentioned above, then you can apply for AdSense.

Now the approval process of the AdSense has become very fast. The application response can be received within 24 hours. If AdSense rejects your application, you will be given a reason from Google. Do not apply instantly if the application get rejected. First, resolve the issues wait for some days and then re-apply.

All the best for getting the first Google AdSense Approval for your website.

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