How To Create A Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media has become an essential part of ensuring the success of a business online. And having a social media marketing strategy can be helpful for online success.

Without being active on these important social media channels, you are missing a large audience that could bring immense success.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Nowadays, everybody is trying to put their efforts into social media. However, in the lack of proper guidance that how to create a social media marketing strategy. Many of us fail to attain success that helps to drive traffic and sales from these major social platforms.

The goal of Social Media Marketing:

  • The end goal of this social media marketing plan is to improve engagement on all major social media platforms.
  • Enhance brand reputation, traffic, and conversion. To obtain the maximum results, you should register your presence on all major social media platforms.

The major social media platforms where I suggest you should focus are given below:

Platforms to focus


How to create a Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook is an important social media platform. You can generate immense leads and traffic by focusing alone on this social media platform.

With organic reach decreasing, you should change your Facebook marketing plan accordingly to obtain maximum results.

You should follow the below-mentioned Facebook marketing strategies to gain maximum results.

Join Facebook Groups

There are several high-quality social media groups active on Facebook. You can join these groups.

Moreover, you should focus on 10 or 20 such active groups and outreach them. And ask for the editor or moderator role in their group. This will help you to enhance the reach of your content to more number of people.

Share Video & Images On Facebook

Share Video & Images on Facebook: Instead of sharing only text-based content you can share videos and images on Facebook.

You can simply convert already written content into simple videos and share them on Facebook. Similarly, you can share the infographic on Facebook.

Run Contests

Moreover, to draw the attention of people toward your brand, you should run a bi-weekly or monthly contest on your Facebook Page. By doing this, you can attract people toward our brand.

Posting Schedule

You should at least share 10-15 stories on Facebook to keep your audience interested in your page. Today, a lot of similar pages to you would be active on social media so you should always be on your feet and generate interesting content to keep your audience stick with your page.

Type of Content You Should Promote On Facebook

Contest: You should run a contest either monthly or bi-weekly to increase engagement on your page. People love to participate and win the contest. This gives them recognition and also shows that you care for them. By running a regular contest on your page you would see that your page engagement would increase and you would start getting more business.

Articles: You can share one or two articles in a week on this platform. Moreover, you can share your already published content on your Facebook page as a social media marketing.

Quotes: Every day you can share a quote related to our industry on Facebook. For example, if you are running a blog on social media and internet marketing then you can pick up a handful of social media experts. Gather their quotes and share them on Facebook on a daily basis.

Similarly every day, we can share a day related quote.

Video: Video content popularity and engagement is increasing day by day. So you should not neglect the importance of it and share video content regularly on your page. Moreover, are you running short of ideas about what videos you should share? Then you should look at your most shared content on the website and convert it on videos. Share it on your page. Moreover, you can sneak peek at your competitor or take ideas from Google news to find what is in the news and create a video on it.

You can also share a niche relevant video on Facebook.

Images and Infographic: You should start sharing images and Infographic on Facebook. You can share five images it could be a motivational quote or relevant industry news or and 1 Infographic on Facebook.

Run Survey/ Strike Conversation: We can run a survey on Facebook to engage people. For instance, if you are running a social media blog, then you can ask people who are their favorite social media bloggers or ask them what is their best strategy to drive traffic on their page or blog. This would increase conversation and engagement on your Facebook page.

How to create A Twitter Marketing Strategy:

Total Activities in a Week- 30

Twitter is also an important social media platform. So you should not ignore this platform.

So, I suggest, you should first engage people with your brand and then start promoting.

Retweet & Share Influential Bloggers:

You can start retweeting the content of influential personalities on your blog. You can choose 50 top influencer bloggers and figures on this platform.

And every day you should pick up 10 experts and retweet their content on your page. This would help us nurture a relationship with these bloggers. And if done correctly they would help you to promote your content and can give you a backlink.


I suggest you should start an expert chat on your twitter handle. In this chat, you can pick ten questions every week and ask people and answer their questions.

This would help you to establish yourself as an expert on Twitter. Moreover, this tactic would help you to gain a loyal fanbase. They would, in the long run, become our brand evangelists.

Daily Quotes

You can share a quote on a daily basis on Twitter. For example #MondayMotivation or something like this.


You can share 1 article post on Twitter. This could be the new article or old article. You can change the text of Post and share it on Twitter.


You can share 2 videos in a week on this platform. This video would be related to your product. You can share it on Twitter.


You can share one infographic in a week on Twitter. Infographics are getting popular and they would help you to gain popularity and gain backlinks as well.


Every week you can run a survey on Twitter to keep the user engaged. For instance, if you want to form a relationship with bloggers. So, you can run a survey asking people

In their opinion, Who is their favorite Twitter Expert?

You can give them four options and whosoever would be the winner you will contact him and share the result.

Now, he/she would definitely share this news on their twitter handle. And their loyal fans would share this news on their page.

This way your blog will get in front of people. Moreover, you can target these influencers to promote your product.

The end goal of Twitter marketing would be to get in touch with influential bloggers, brand reputation, traffic, and conversion.

How to Create A Pinterest Marketing Strategy

It is an immensely popular platform and can help you to increase traffic and domain authority. This would also help you to rank in image search.

Suppose, if someday search Social Media Statistics Infographic or image. And if you are available on this network. So, it would rank on image search which increases traffic and sales.

2 Infographics in a Month.

15 minutes on a daily basis.

So, you can submit two infographics on this platform in a month.

Reason to Promote on Pinterest:

As compared to other social media networks, Pinterest is a place for serious bloggers/Personal brands/entrepreneurs and small businesses. Being present on this network helps you to get in front of a large number of people.

Connection with Famous Pinners:

You can spend 15 minutes on this network on a daily basis and repin the images of influential social media bloggers. This would help you to form a good relationship with them. In the future, you can nurture them to either become our customers or brand advocates.


Sharing a quality infographic on Pinterest can help you increase traffic. Suppose you have shared a top 15 social media monitoring tool infographic on Pinterest. So, whenever people search on Pinterest something related to social media, then chances are high that your post will get in front of them. It would increase referral traffic. The Pinterest audience is serious and they would help in our sales.


You can also earn quality backlinks from Pinterest. Thus sharing the infographic on this network would get us a few good links.

Create A Linkedin Account

Slideshare: Slideshare is being owned by Linkedin. This is basically a network of professionals. They share presentations on all topics. Compared to other social media platforms, this platform is less crowded. Therefore, we should start focusing on this platform.

Number of Post for social media marketing strategy: 2 in a month

Why should you promote on Slideshare?

This network has over 60 million unique visitors every month. Moreover, as compared to other social media platforms Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, where nonserious users are more active. This platform is filled with people who are either running a business or entrepreneurs. This platform is basically being searched by people who are looking for detailed and well- written presentation.


By uploading a presentation on this platform, you can get a high-quality backlink that can help in ranking well.

In every presentation, you can mention our brand name. It would increase our brand visibility.

Lead Generation

On Slideshare, there is an option to download the PowerPoint Presentation. So, you can do one thing, you can ask people to share their email id to download the presentation. Since Slideshare is being used by businesses and professionals so, if you will get their contact details you can contact them further to get them to purchase Statusbrew.

Create A Quora Account

Quora is a popular Q&A site. It is a place where you should focus to drive traffic and build your reputation

Daily Answer for social media marketing strategy: 2-3 Question

Focus relevant thread:

Nowadays, Quora has become a self-promotion site. There are a lot of threads that are created intentionally by companies for their own performance. For example Why Meet Edgar is better than Hootsuite or such question. So you can answer all these types of questions on a daily basis where this kind of question is being asked.

Get connected with Influential people on Quora:

There are a lot of famous personalities available on Quora. They write about the latest trends and their answer is being viewed by thousands of people. You can make a list of all these people and follow them and then get in touch with them to promote our brand. This would be a good strategy to get in front of thousands of peoples. Since a lot of people who visit this website is finding an answer to their questions. Thus, getting in touch with such figures would be beneficial for you.


Social media is an important part of your online business and they are capable of bringing success to you. Hence, you should not ignore it. However, you can decide which social media platform is bringing more success to you and start focusing on it. Initially, you can start with every social media and then keep an eye on which social media platform is proving benevolent for you and start putting your focus on it.

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