Pinterest Marketing – How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

How to Pinterest Marketing? The internet marketing world is currently losing its mind over how quickly Pinterest, produced a viral marketing explosion on the web.

The site has gone from being unheard of to referring. That’s referring, more traffic than Twitter, which is also more than YouTube, and LinkedIn combined.

Pinterest Marketing

For those who own a blog or website or a business, the immediate question is “How can I use this explosion of traffic and excitement to make money?”

Here’s your step by step guide.

Join Pinterest

Join Pinterest. That’s right, the site sends out more referral traffic than any social network short of Twitter and Facebook

Get Inspired

Bring your cursor over to the top of the site and point at the tab inconspicuously labeled “everything.” It will display a list of categories.

Find the one that matches your business most accurately and take a look at what’s being shared there.

Pinterest is a visual site that lets people share images that they find on the web.

They post them to “pin-boards” which they name themselves. The posts get re-pinned, commented on, and liked, and the most popular pins get posted to the top of each category for a short period of time.

The site borrows social elements from other sites so you can “follow” users that you like.

That way, once you post something that gets re-pinned by somebody popular, a lot more people will hear about you and see what you have to offer.

Take a look at what’s doing well and try to think of ways to make images that will do well on the site for your relevant categories.

Demographics – Pinterest Marketing

Keep the site’s audience in mind. About 80% of the users are women, and most of the content revolves around creativity, homemaking, decor, recipes, and the like.

This doesn’t mean you can’t succeed on the site for subjects that aren’t traditionally “feminine,” though.

Take a look at what’s working for others and invest some time into the site. Think creatively and strategically and you should be able to market yourself on the site.

What If Your Products are “Boring?”

If you sell hammers, what good is Pinterest? How many pictures of hammers can you take before people start saying, “enough already.”

This is a very good point, and it hits home the importance of not using Pinterest to “sell.”

You should only brand your Pinterest profile enough for people to get the idea that you sell something, that they know what it is, and that it’s relevant to them.

If you sell hammers, you don’t have to limit your pins to the subject of hammers. Pinterest isn’t for selling products, it’s for brand building. (Not that the referral traffic won’t make sales.)

Stop trying to sell the hammers, and start selling the brand behind the hammers.

What’s the lifestyle that comes with the hammer? Why does your hammer have a different emotional connotation than your competitors’ hammer? Why is it that you get your customers and your competitors don’t?

Maybe you post pictures of interesting artwork created using your hammer, or just great DIY projects in general that are tangentially related to the subject of hammers.

The key is to share images that appeal to your target audience. Do your research and check out what kinds of images appeal to people who have shared images of hammers. Eventually, you’ll start to see patterns.

Pinterest Marketing – It’s Social

Comment, like, re-pin, and follow. Build relationships. Don’t broadcast, interact. If you’ve been doing social, all of this should be second nature by now.


Familiarize yourself with the site before you dive in. Furthermore, figure out who your target audience is and appeal to them.

Go broad. People expect to see the variety on your boards. Don’t post your products unless you can do so in a creative and visually stunning way.

Also, be creative and a part of the community.

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