On-page SEO – Google Ranking Factor One

In order to promote web pages on the internet via search engines, there are various factors for performing On-page SEO optimization of the websites. The following factors will definitely help you to understand on-page SEO. Keyword in Domain Since SEO links to you by your domain name, you must put the keyword in the domain … Read more

Title Tag SEO – Google Ranking Factor Two

Title Tag is one of the major components of Onsite SEO. This is the tag that search engines use to populate their rankings. In order to achieve high rankings of your websites, you need to be specific with your titles. While putting the title to your website, make sure that it becomes impressive and reflects … Read more

SEO Meta Description – Google Ranking Factor Three

SEO Meta description contains the information which a search engine receives about a page considering to return as a search result. The Meta description is an important factor after the title and an essential component of onsite website optimization. It is the HTML attribute that provides a concise explanation of the content of the webpage. … Read more

Duplicate Content SEO – Google Ranking Factor Four

Duplicate content is the content that is copy and pastes on the internet. So it is important to be aware of duplicate content SEO. To start off, when the same content gets found, the situation becomes complex for search engines. As a result, the search engines become unable to decide which version is more relevant … Read more

Robots Txt File – Google Ranking Factor Five

Robots txt file is nothing but a text file that you usually put on your website. This file works in order to indicate search robots which pages you would like them not to visit. However, you must note that Robots.txt is by no means mandatory for search engines. In fact, it is very essential to … Read more

XML Sitemap – Google Ranking Factor Six

Talking about XML sitemap then it is nothing but a platform. This is a mediator between a website and Google Search Engine to show all important pages on your site. Sometimes normal online visitors like us might not be able to discover or reach. In fact, in its simplest terms, a sitemap is more like … Read more

Alt Tag – Google Ranking Factor Seven

An alt tag is an HTML tag that is written “alt” = internet guide. It is important to understand the fact that these These tags are generally attached to a graphic image. The reason for attaching AT with an image is that whenever the graphic loads into the browser and a user place the cursor … Read more

Social Media Optimization – Off-page SEO One

SEO plays an essential role in optimizing websites and rank higher in SERP’s. But the necessity gave birth to another useful aspect, Social Media Optimization. In this era of internet search and e-marketing, Google is the most powerful and dominant search engine. Google is a popular search engine that every single user use in this … Read more

High Quality Backlink Free – Off-page SEO Two

External links, also known as backlinks are the hyperlinks that you add to a webpage on another website is known as Off-page SEO. Learn how to build high quality backlinks free. In other terms, if a website links to you, the link will be an external link that is backlink for your site. Similarly, if … Read more

Internal Backlinks – Off-page SEO Three

Why internal linking is important? So, internal backlinks means a link that goes from one page to another page on the same website. These are the hyperlinks that point to the same domain where they exist. In other terms, an internal link is a link that points to another page of the same website. These … Read more