How To Monetize Website – Monetize Blog Without AdSense

How to monetize website? The internet today provides many opportunities for his users to make some money from blogging or just administrating some websites.

How to monetize website

Today I’ll post some methods to monetize Website, more exactly 21 simple ways to monetize your blog :

1) Guest Blogging – How To Monetize Website

Firstly, you can publish some paid guest posts on your blog because content links are the most valuable links. If you have a high PR you can get some nice payments for posting guest posts.

2) Offer Free Ads

Secondly, seek out competitive companies in your niche and give them free ads for a specific amount of time. This will get other companies interested in advertising with you.

3) Bloggers For Hire

Thirdly, Get hire yourself as a blogger for a corporate Web Site.

4) Consulting

If you are a great blogger, you probably have a lot of knowledge to share about mastering the blogsphere. Some other persons can pay you for consulting them.

5) Speaking

Your blog could make you know as an industry leader can land your speaking engagements at conferences and meetings.

6) Market Your Services

Your blog is a great way of marketing your services. Post about current promotions, new interests, and other business-building information.

7) Sell individual advertising

You can sell ads on your blog, as I sell on my blog 250×250 ads. Those ads can add o you can earn some nice money if you have a big amount of visitors.

8) Seminars or Workshops

As an expert, you can invite your readers to visit you in person and you can tell them some great tips or some new ideas.

9) Blogads

Get invited to this exclusive network of bloggers, and you’ll have high-quality, relevant advertising on your blog.

10) Members-Only Section

Whether you’re providing access to publish items or just ad-free content, make sure you’re delivering a product that your readers are willing to pay for.

11) PayPal Buttons

The PayPal’s system allows you to put on your blog a donation button.

12) Go Offline

Take your blog skill offline and get hire at a newspaper or magazine.

13) Use Your Blog to Create a Mailing List

If you sell products, you can use your blog to generate a mailing list of people who are interested in buying from you.

14) Interviews

Share your knowledge on a new medium and go on radio or TV interviews.

15) Mini Guides

If you’ve just run a particularly helpful series, package it up into a mini Guide.

16) E-Books

Whether it’s a compilation of your best tips or a new idea altogether, an e-book is a good, reader-friendly way to package content. Especially, E-books are also a good method to get some additional traffic, this is a new way to go traffic.

17) CD-ROM with nice content

Create a CD-ROM “book” with cleanly organized content that can be accessed offline. You can also create a CD with a step-by-step tutorial that can learn the other persons how to create a business like yours.

18) Phone Calls

Sell one-on-one phone calls for advice and other consulting through Internet (Skype).

19) Text Link Ads Brokering Service is a very well known text link broker that connects advertisers with publishers who are paid to place text links on their site.

20) Paid Reviews

Paid reviews are a great source of money, so you can get more than 200$ monthly.

21) Videos

However, videos are value-added extras that readers may be willing to pay for.


To summarize, these ways to monetize your blogger will help you to earn money without AdSense. However, using AdSense is definitely a good source to monetize your blog.

But AdSense has some rules and regulations which you have to follow strictly where many bloggers fall. Although this has been a conventional way to earn money from blogging you got so many ways to earn money.

If you properly implement the above ways you can make huge money. First, be a master in your niche. Then nothing can stop you. Instead of just looking for AdSense you can choose these methods to earn money.

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