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Inmotion Hosting


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Server Locations

I have had a look at quite a few web hosting companies. Experimenting over several months using over three dozen websites. And it was clear that Inmotion, a company based in Los Angeles, took the top prize.

To be honest many of the services we tested were good. Some came very close to knocking Inmotion from its top spot.

Yet their excellent customer service, easy to use interface, and excellent value simply exceed our expectations. And prove themselves to be the best choice.

Customer Services

Let’s talk about customer service, which is essential when you purchase this kind of product. Inmotion did very well here, which is what you should expect from a hosting company.

For example, you want a company that is available 24/7/365 – in other words, all the time! First when you are uploading your site. Secondly when managing your domains and users. Thirdly while protecting your information.

During our assessment, we had run into a couple of technical glitches on our end where we need their help.

The Inmotion customer service representatives that we worked with were very pleasant.

Also, they were extremely informative and knew exactly what they were talking about.

Value of Services – Inmotion Hosting Review

Now, let’s talk about the value of their services. These guys simply offered the best “bang for the buck”. To emphasize, this includes unlimited bandwidth, low monthly costs, unlimited emails, and no upsell conversations.

They simply offered everything we needed – from email to mega bandwidth – for under $6 a month. All hassle-free.

To be clear, we had some high traffic websites which may have strained the servers of other companies.

Yet, we didn’t have a single problem and our websites were never down for a moment.

The reliability and stability of its servers were way above standard.

Easy To Use

Here again, Inmotion delivered big time. Everything on their dashboard was straight forward. This means we didn’t need to poke needlessly around trying to figure things out.

Especially, this feature saved us time, money, and plenty of potential headaches.

Inmotion Hosting is a good value hosting service.

To conclude, we feel very confident in recommending this web hosting solution. If you are looking for value, reliability, and of course, easy to use.

Support from the client

To sum up, this company is well known for the support which they provide in assisting the one who requires it.

In addition, they have different kinds of customer care services available both online and in telephone means.

The Verdict: Tremendous Value, very reliable, and extremely easy to use.

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