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Why Facebook Marketing is essential for your business or blog? Facebook is one of the most effective ways to promote your blog and increase your audience loyalty.

Facebook Marketing

Here are just a few of the reasons why your blog should have a Facebook page.

Your Blog Can’t Have a Personal Profile

It’s surprising how many businesses who join Facebook fail to realize this first point.

It goes against the terms of service to create a normal Facebook page that promotes a blog, or any other type of business or organization.

Instead, Facebook allows you to create a Facebook page, which is actually better suited for business in the first place.

It gives you the ability to make a customized welcome page, obtain as many fans as you can, and customize it with various apps.

You can add a store, a contact form, and videos. Once you have over 30 likes, you have access to Pages Insights, which offers data about how well your content and page are performing.

None of this is available if you just set up a normal profile and name it after your blog.

Your Blog Needs a Loyal Following

Is Facebook the only place to get a following for your blog?

Of course not. That said, Facebook is one of the best places to obtain a following, especially if you’re on a shoestring budget.

Advertising is typically out of the question, and traffic typically only comes from the search engine if you have already developed a decent following, to begin with.

The advantages of Facebook are twofold. First and foremost, there is a conversation taking place about the same subjects that you discuss on your blog somewhere on Facebook.

You can use Facebook’s search feature to find pages on these subjects and join these conversations.

If your contribution is particularly insightful, interesting, or entertaining, people will start to remember who you are. They will eventually start to pay attention to you and “like” your page.

If your page regularly hosts interesting discussions and shares provocative content, your subscribers will continue to pay attention to what you have to say.

They will visit your blog when you post new content, leave comments. Also, they will spread the word by liking or sharing your content on their own walls.

Your Blog Needs Authority – Facebook Marketing

For various reasons, you want your blog to be seen as an authority in its topic.

The obvious benefits are that other sources will be more likely to mention you. And that people will be more likely to share your content and keep coming back because they trust you.

A less obvious reason is that if your site is seen as an authority, it is more likely to be found in the search engines.

Summary – Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a great place to build authority because it is an excellent place to network.

The old saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know,” is in many ways truer today than ever before.

It’s still important to offer trustworthy information, of course. But in many ways, this is just a stepping stone to gaining the recognition of the top bloggers in your field.

Use Facebook as a way of finding the most influential people in your niche and building relationships with them. This helps you build trust and authority in a way that isn’t otherwise possible.

You can also improve your blog’s authority by using Facebook to answer questions about your subject matter.

The more helpful you become, the better your reputation will be. This reinforces the idea that you really do know what you are talking about, and that your opinion matters.

Always remember that Facebook is as much a customer service tool as a marketing one.

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