Alt Tag – Google Ranking Factor Seven

An alt tag is an HTML tag that is written “alt” = internet guide. It is important to understand the fact that these These tags are generally attached to a graphic image.

The reason for attaching AT with an image is that whenever the graphic loads into the browser and a user place the cursor over the graphic and the text displays.

Alt Tag

Usually, these tags pick up by search engine spiders and even play a very decisive role in ranking up a website page.

For standards base HTML coding, AT’s are the most important element. As a webmaster, you must ensure that every image present on a website must have an ALT tag.

Moreover, implement each AT must be properly. Suppose If you use images in your Web pages, its good practice to include alt text for every image that a visitor to your site will see.

Then if AT’s contain important keywords, it boosts your keyword frequency. Further, and assists you in achieving better rankings.

Why AT’s are so important?

AT’s are good coding for several reasons. It helps visitors know an image is targeting to the subject .

Apart from this, it also aids visitors who can’t see the image whether they are Linux users or users who have turn images off in their browser preferences.

Search engines can only read the text. All the images with AT’s allow search engines to match the description to the site’s content possibly aiding in search engine rankings.

Among other things, ALT tags can:

  • These can help to provide further detail for an image or the destination of a hyperlinked image.
  • Also, assist in navigation when a graphics-intensive site is surfing over a slow connection. Therefore, it enables site visitors to make navigation preferences before graphics are fully rendered.

What role Alt Tag plays in SEO

Moreover, It’s only the HTML tag that informs search engines exactly what the images are only for.

Since search engines like Google cannot read text into images, so AT’s informs search engines like Google exactly what the images are only for.

Additionally, Images can make difficulty for indexing an internet page but a website with no image makes website unappealing.

So while creating a website you can’t only target search engines like Google. A website needs to be search engine friendly and AT is the best option to increase the beauty of your website.

You can generate AT’s online SEO Site checkup.

Alt Tags optimization tips

  • Make use of key phrases that contains in the title tag, meta tag, and the body text.
  • Try to make use of at least 2 to 3 specific key phrases as opposed to repeating key phrases.

Moreover, it is very important that you make relevant AT’s. Don’t make irrelevant AT’s that indicates images rather you must ensure to use key phrases that directly explain the images.

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